Monday, June 2, 2014

23 Mobile Things - Thing #20 - Games

Oh …. This is a dangerous thing for me to explore.  I have such a hard time staying away from those addictive little time-wasters.  I have Temple Run in various forms on all of my devices (I like it best on my Kindle Fire – the size of the screen to swipe and control of the tilt seems the easiest on that device).  I tried to find DrawQuest, but that company appears to have gone out of business. 

So, I’m going to do another post about some of the favorite apps that I already use in this category …

·         Solitaire Victory (free) – I know, solitaire has become something of a joke about being how a newbie learns to use the mouse on their first computer.  This app has more than just the best known solitaire game though – there are currently 87 different types one or two deck solitaire games included.  My current favorite is Lady Jane – quite challenging.

Pirate Waters (free/lite version or $0.99 for full) – Can you sail your ship through hazardous waters while avoiding enemies and picking up treasures?  Get enough loot and you can upgrade your ship!  Control your sailing by tilting the device.  Great fun – particularly for kids – but it tends to eat the battery power.

Cat Physics ($1.99) – Something like Angry Birds but using cats that are rolling a ball to each other.  A good teaching tool about vectors and other physics.  You need to get a minimum score to advance to the next puzzle.


            Luxor ($0.99) – The addictive Egyptian themed marble shooter game that I had to conquer all of the levels on before I could make myself put it down.

·         100 Floors / 100 Exits (both free) – These two games are manipulation puzzles – try to figure out what will open the door so you can get to the next level.  Some solutions seem obvious and others take a long time to figure out.  I’m at about level 70 in “Floors” and stuck at about 25 in “Exits”.  Great for to exercise your brain with a little sideways thinking.

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