Wednesday, January 15, 2014

23 Mobile Things - Thing #1 - Starting a new list of challenges

I'm thrilled to see that the Minnesota multi-type library systems are sponsoring a third round of 23 things.  It is so much easier to use a work at your own pace program since I work at a small library - no need to drive on icy roads to a remote site for a class, no need to work around other important meetings to attend a scheduled webinar, etc. 

I like gadgets, so I currently own multiple iOS7 devices as well as one Android based tablet.  I will enjoy the opportunity to compare some of the apps on both platforms.  I only have a couple of apps right now that I have on both platforms.  Also, I am looking forward particularly to learning more about some of the productivity apps that are available - I tend to use my devices more for amusement right now - especially those that I can use for both work and home.  And, of course, I'm sure that I will enjoy finding out about some new apps that I haven't been introduced to before.