Monday, June 2, 2014

23 Mobile Things - Thing #19 - Hobbies

I briefly tried RoadNinja.  I think it would have been a more effective trial if I had actually been driving on an Interstate rather than sitting in my living room, but I think I got the general idea.  It seems quite useful for road trips … particularly if you would have a loyalty card for a particular chain of gas stations, etc.  I did note that it listed some businesses which have either changed names or no longer exist, so accuracy of the information may not be 100%.

I didn’t try any of the other apps listed, but here are a few that I use regularly for my own hobbies:

·         Star Walk ($2.99) – great for astronomy.  You can hold it up to the sky and the location services will exactly match what stars you are looking at.  It will change directions as you spin around.  You can see the constellations even during the day cycle , move the time forward or back, zoom in and out.  It lists major satellites and will give alerts about upcoming events like meteor showers and eclipses … definitely worth the price if you are at all interested in the night sky.

    Silk ($2.99) – a fun little app that lets you make symmetrical drawings with your touch.  Very cool as a time waster and can be used as a Rorschach test after you finish drawing!

Here's one of the drawings I did with Silk
·         Epicurious (free) – The best recipe app that I’ve found.  I’ve only tried a few recipes, but they have all turned out well.  It will create a shopping list for a recipe that you choose, so you can use it for advance menu planning.  

·         Metronome - reloaded (free) – If you play an instrument, this is a handy little app that does one thing well.  You can choose time signatures and beats per minute.

Bartender Flashcards (free) – This app is part quiz game, part recipe file, and part quirky facts about alcohol.  It lets you learn more about different liquors and their characteristics.

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