Thursday, May 29, 2014

23 Mobile Things - Thing #11 - Library and Reference

I wanted to take a look at a specific library's app for this thing.  None of the listed ones were in my region, so I chose the one from Buckham Memorial Library as I worked there in the past.  It was fun to take a look at what their app offered.  I obviously could not get into the parts that required a library card number to check on my account or request items.  The rest of the site had information I expected ... the same sorts of things that libraries make sure to put on their websites.  I was a little surprised that the events list didn't go further into the future with specific programs, but I know how challenging it can be to finalize all of those last details for summer programming. 

One cool feature that I didn't expect was their "BookLook" - which allows you to scan a barcode and see if that title is in the collection.  It will even let you suggest the title for purchase if they don't already own it.  I could visualize many of the patrons from my library using something like this as they wandered around Barnes and Noble to put in requests for items that look interesting. 

Overall, this was a great example of what an app can look like for a single library (rather than a group of connected libraries) - cheers to the Faribault crew for putting it together.

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