Thursday, May 29, 2014

23 Mobile Things - Thing #10 - Sharing Photos

I decided to try Instagram for this thing ... mostly because I know more people who are using Instagram than Snapchat.  Considering all of the fuss I've heard about this app, I was prepared to be impressed.  However, I may have raised my expectations a bit too high because I found myself thinking "is that it?" when I was working with this app.  The filters and editing gadgets were interesting but not something I would really want to use on most of my photos.  It was easy to send a photo directly to another Instagram user, but many steps to send it to anyone who doesn't have an Instagram account.  Of the people I know who have Instagram accounts, most seem to be posting all of their photos directly to Facebook (so following their account gives you the same photos in two spots).  If I used my camera phone more, I might enjoy this app ... but generally, if I want a nice picture to share with someone, I'll reach for one of my cameras to take the shot and send it via email or Facebook.
Amelia waits for the next adoring patron
Here's a photo with some of the Instagram tricks applied that I took of our library's pet turtle.

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