Tuesday, May 27, 2014

23 Things - Thing #6 - Creating and Editing Documents

I am typing up the beginning of this post in Cloud On on my iPad.  Thus far, it seems to be working really well. I am having trouble adjusting to typing a large amount of text on my iPad, but that’s mostly lack of practice. One of things not mentioned in the 23Things site is that this app does seem to require you to have a cloud-based account to share your documents through. If you already have a Google account, this will not be a problem for you.

The top menu row seems to have all of the most-used commands from Microsoft Office. There is an option to print wirelessly if you have a compatible printer. Some of the commands do seem to require that you purchase the upgrade. This doesn’t seem to affect any sort of basic use – more of the stylistic features like WordArt. The upgrade commands are marked on the pull down menus.

I really like this app. I can see myself using it a lot to type up something basic when I think of it but am not near (or don’t want to turn on) a computer.

From here out, I composed the text on the computer. The basic text transferred beautifully into a new word document from the cloud.  I am actually very surprised that this program is available (even without some of the features) as a free app.  I have looked at reviews of products that could do this type of work before and many of them cost $10 (expensive for an app) or more.  I never purchased one because I was unsure how well they would work; now I'm glad that I waited because this is great!

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