Tuesday, May 27, 2014

23 Mobile Things - Thing #3 - Utilities

I already had a QR reader and a WiFi finder app on my devices.  I use both occasionally.  I would caution people using WiFi finder (the same one listed in the 23 things site) to not rely totally on it for finding hotspots … of the 4 locations listed in downtown Ely, 2 have gone out of business (new businesses at each location – one still offers wifi but the other doesn’t), one (the library is located incorrectly on the map even though the address is correct, the last is correct.  I know of at least three more locations that offer WiFi in the area but are not listed with the app.

I tried the Google search app as something new.  I wasn’t very impressed.  You can use voice commands like Siri but the results take you through more steps.  A general google search is fine using this app but the other pieces of the app that I explored as easily accessible to me using other apps that I am more familiar with.  Perhaps if I used gmail as a primary email account rather than a secondary option, this app would be more useful to me.

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