Tuesday, May 27, 2014

23 Mobile Things - Thing #2 - Mobile Device Tips

I haven't posted on any of the 23 mobile things yet, but I've been adding the apps to my devices here and there over the last month or so.  As the program ending date draws closer, I realized that I need to start posting about some of the things that I have already completed.  I ended up going through this particular "thing" at least three times because I kept forgetting what I wanted to say about my experiences when I wrote up the blog post, so here it goes ...

This was a helpful thing – I finally took the time to learn about some things that my devices could do, but I hadn’t figured out to use.  The big surprise was when I learned to shut off open apps in my iPad – wow, didn’t realize that things stayed open pretty much until you turn them off.  I can only imagine how confusing that would be on a device like a laptop where you can see all of the windows, and I wonder how much battery loss those open apps might have been contributing to.

I finally learned a little about AirDrop – which I have now shut off on both of my Apple devices because I want to make battery power last as long as possible and that isn’t something that I think I will use much.  Another interesting, but unsuited for my daily needs, thing I explored was Siri.  I don’t use devices when I drive, so needing to look at the screen is not a hassle for me.  Plus, I must not enunciate clearly enough to suit the OS as I often had to repeat questions several times.  And, the immediate jump to the web when a question was not understood in the context I meant was very disconcerting.  I did find a few things that we easier to do with Siri – adding relationships in contacts was one – so I think I may use this on occasion if just to find out how to do things … Siri did give clear directions on how to do things using the device rather than my normal approach of trial and error.

The one simple thing that I learned to do (I knew it could be done but had never spent the time to figure out how) was how to set the music playlists on a timer.  A very useful way to track time, and, though simple, this might be the item I end up using the most from this thing.

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