Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Thing #19 - Podcasts

I have to admit that I went into this thing with a preconceived notion that I wouldn't like it. I hate talk radio and that's very much what my notion of podcasts was. I think that the investigating that I did both supported my notion, but also gave me a few pleasant surprises too. There were many podcasts that I immediately rejected because of their length ... both because I'm feeling like I'm getting close to the deadline for the 23 things and feeling some time pressure and also because of my already stated dislike of talk radio ... one interesting-looking Harry Potter discussion had individual 'casts that lasted almost 2 hours.

I did try listening to podcasts both on my iPod and on an RSS feed on my computer. The casts I tried included Travel in 10, On Board Games, MN Public Radio's Song of the Day, and the NPR's Food Podcast. I am planning to continue an RSS feed on the travel and games podcasts although I will probably be very selective in which bits I listen to.

The pleasant surprises ... there was a better variety of topics than I expected, it was easier than anticipated to download the casts I wanted to hear, most of the directories (especially were very easy to navigate, and those podcasts I subscribed to through the RSS feed gave very clear descriptions that made it easy to make listening choices.

The down sides ... yes, it's talk radio.

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