Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Thing #17 - ELM

The most important lesson I learned from this thing: CHECK YOUR DIRECTIONS! A good lesson for those of us who have little time to recheck all our flyers, handouts, etc. It was really frustrating to do the first part (partially due to several interruptions while I tried to watch the quicktime video and needing to reload it each time) until I realized that RSS feed wasn't accessible in the Student version of InfoTrac. Once I switched to Cengage, I had no problems completing the task.

I've used ELM tools for finding information for a long time, but I hadn't tried all of the tasks (RSS feeds, webpages, etc) before. I can see where the RSS feed would be great for someone who's following an ongoing topic - especially medical or technology related where you want the most current news. I didn't see that I would use the EBSCO webpage feature again. I liked the feature of searching within a book on NetLibrary -- that wasn't something I was aware of before this thing.

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