Thursday, March 27, 2008

Thing #14 - LibraryThing

This was an interesting site. I thought that the recommendations based on the titles I had added were fairly accurate. I also found that the reviews/discussions about individual titles were interesting and more thoughtful than many of the reviews I've read on commercial sites. I enjoyed looking at members who had the same books as I did although I didn't spend as much time on this.

Although I really like the ideas behind it, I was dismayed by how cumbersome it is to add titles. I tried several of the advanced options, but even those were not very effective in adding a long string of titles at once. The suggestion of using a barcode reader to scan titles in didn't seem like a great option for someone adding a home library -- first, you'd have to buy the reader and then either transport books to computer or vice versa.

I can see how this would be a useful reader addition to a library's homepage if you had the staff time to enter in both new titles as you get them and the older parts of the collection. It is something I may consider for my library in the future.

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